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Student Resources

GEA Internships

Each year GEA extends the opportunity of internships to students in 4th and 5th grade. Students are able to apply and interview for the jobs listed. They are “employed” for a semester.

GEA Big Brother/ Little Brother

Pick up “little brother”

Hold conversations about school with “little brother”

Help with academic, social and behavior issues


GEA Big Sister/Little Sister

Pick up “little sister”

Hold conversations about school with “little sister”

Help with academic, social and behavior issues

GEA Flag Team

Raise/lower /fold the flag

Know flag etiquette



Welcome new students and tour the school

Introduce new students to essential personnel


GEA Homework Lab Technician/ morning tutors

Assist students with homework

Tutor students in the mornings

Keep Homework Lab neat and clean


GEA Media Specialist

Shelf books

Assist with media cleanliness

GEA Teacher in Training

Help the assigned teacher

Help the students

GEA Tech Whiz

Morning Duties:

Un stack chairs/ turn on computers/login
Afternoon Duties:

Log out /shut down computers and stack chairs
Friday Duties:

Clean head set & mouse


GEA Yearbook Photographers

Take pictures for the year book

GEA Botanist

Water plants and clean surrounding area

Check plant health and report to supervisor


GEA Café Interns

Remind others of lunchroom procedures

Assist students with morning trays

Assist with the cleanliness of the café


GEA Earth Keepers

Maintain cleanliness of playground


GEA Pre K Helpers

Supervise Pre – K students

Help them get in the bus


GEA Receptionist

Greet Parents as they enter the building

Answer phones and take messages

Assist parents in signing-in and signing out

Assist visitors with “visitors stickers”


GEA Safety Patrol

Know and enforce school procedures fairly

Provide assistance to staff and students as needed